The whole energy system is in turmoil

“The whole energy system is in turmoil following the February invasion of Ukraine by Russia, at the time the biggest oil and natural gas exporter and a major player in commodities, Birol said. Soaring prices are lifting the cost of filling gas tanks, heating homes and powering industry across the globe, adding to inflationary pressures and leading to deadly protests from Africa to Sri Lanka” (Bloomberg, 2022)

Did you know?

Buildings and appliances are responsible for 36% of primary energy use in the world, which leads to nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (Abergel et al., 2018; John, 2019). In the United States, the building sector consumes more energy than the industry or transportation sector, and office buildings, as one of the most important components of the building sector, account for 14% of total energy consumption in the nation (Stern, 2014). Reducing energy use in office buildings is, therefore, a critical strategy for improving economic efficiency and decarbonization.

Next time, we will share how the office building can save more energy?



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