Smart Parking

AI Sensing Technology is used to deliver proven, fully integrated, end-to-end solutions, resulting in a transformation of the complete parking experience.

License Plate Recognition

with AI Sensing Technology

Free space indicator

Indoor Parking Guidance Cameras/ Outdoor Parking Guidance Camera detects a vehicle in a space and shows its availability status automatically by colored lights, so drivers can easily see where to park. For example, it turns red for occupied and green for free. Different colors can also be used to categorize spaces, for instance for disabled parking.

Free Space Count

The number of available spaces can be displayed, for example at the entrance to a car park on an LED Display. This uses count information using ANPR data from entrance/exit cameras or Indoor Parking Guidance Cameras/Outdoor Parking Guidance Camera, and updates immediately when a space fills, or becomes free. It informs a driver right from the start if there’s space inside the car park.

Parking Guidance

With larger, more complex car parks, drivers need more guidance to find a free space quickly. Parking Guidance takes data from entrance/exit ANPR cameras and Parking Guidance Cameras, and displays it on screens around the car park. The screens display arrows alongside the count, showing how many spaces in a certain area. They give drivers further direction on how to get to free spaces, making navigating large car parks less stressful.

Automatic Payment Machine

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